Our Founder’s Professional Experiences


Rassul Fazelat

Data Talent Advisors
President & CEO

Rassul Fazelat is a former IT Solution Sales Consultant for 20 years, working with emerging companies and enterprise big data clients and leveraging his understanding of the big data ecosystem to supercharge their talent acquisition efforts. Rassul has spent the last 8 years exclusively within Big Data & Analytics working with a multitude of clients across many industries either recruiting or selling.
He is the organizer of the NYC Big Data Visionaries Meetup, co-organizer of the NYC Marketing Analytics Forum, and co-organizer of the NYC Advanced Analytics Meetup. Rassul is a trusted advisor to many technical hiring managers and candidates alike keeping them informed of the latest Big Data trends and technologies.
Possessing one of the largest Big Data professional networks on LinkedIn at 29,000+ 1st level connections globally, he is able to provide clients with relevant passive profiles very quickly. He is also one of the members of LinkedIn Advisors, an invite-only exclusive to the LinkedIn community to help define the future of LinkedIn.
If you would like to read some of his popular posts on LinkedIn, please visit his author's page where you will find a number of posts about Big Data and technical talent acquisition.

"I started Data Talent Advisors to provide a service to my fellow data kin - both hiring managers and candidates. We have seen a lot in terms of the evolution of the big data & analytics space and how other technologies/frameworks are merging.
We are able to tell your company's story and vision beyond the job description to allow our candidates to better understand why your company may be a great fit for their next step. For candidates, we vet all of our employers to provide you opportunities that will help fine-tune your craft by working in modern, innovative environments that will challenge you and help you grow."

Rassul Fazelat
President & CEO, Data Talent Advisors

How Data Talent Advisors Is Different?

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    We are not recruiters in the traditional sense, but Big Data industry peers

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    We do not repost your job requirements to other job boards (we handpick candidates and vet them before submittal)

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    We help build your job description

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    Expert guidance on the reality of your job request for most global job markets

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    Extensive network within the Big Data community, one of the largest global data & analytics networks on LinkedIn

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    Candidate career advisory based on real-world experience in the Big Data segment

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    Unparalleled candidate quality with 6-month guarantee

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    Deep understanding of desired marketplace skill sets and technical certifications that will set you apart from others


Data Talent Advisors is a leading recruitment powerhouse that believes "when the fit is right, everyone succeeds". One bad hire is enough to create a weak link on the team. That's why you want to make sure you have the best talent provider and are choosing only from the best pool of candidates.

Our long-term objective is to redefine recruitment in these data-driven times and create a strong, collaborative ecosystem of talent and clients. Our presence and participation in this niche industry have equipped us with business acumen to lead the way in delivering disruptive recruitment services.

Don't tell us we didn't tell you. We are obsessed with helping candidates and clients succeed.